About the Fund

The Feast of Victory Endowment Fund

A Legacy of Faith

A Legacy of Discipleship

A Legacy of Christ’s Love

The Feast of Victory (FOV) Endowment Fund is a legacy of faith and discipleship established in 2012. The FOV Endowment Fund is a resource of the future and operates outside of the Feast of Victory General fund. It makes programs, projects and ministries that the Purpose and Core Values of Feast of Victory possible. Gifts to the FOV Endowment Fund become part of the its principal. Income from the investments of the principal represents the amount available for distribution for the ministries it supports.

Gifts to the FOV Endowment Fund are invested in a responsible manner. The fund is managed by a committee of six voting members. The fund will distribute up to five percent (5%) of the fund’s assets per year now that an initial funding level of $10,000.00 has been reached.

The 2021 Endowment Fund Committee

  • Jack Hoopfer, Chair
  • Pastor Carolyn Heider
  • Dennis Bartz, Council Representative
  • Doug Satow, Church Treasurer
  • Rena Rudkin, Stewardship Core Team Representative
  • Tim Donovan
  • Ruth Peterman

Distribution of the Fund

Disciples at Feast of Victory have a history of mission and outreach commitment. The FOV Endowment Fund supports individuals in ministries:

  • Youth projects, mission trips, gatherings or ministries
  • Mission projects locally or worldwide
  • Adult or youth Christian education
  • Extraordinary programs/ministry initiatives within Feast of Victory

Contributions to the Fund

An endowment gift is a gift in perpetuity. It can be an opportunity to memorialize or honor a loved one. You can give to the FOV Endowment Fund through:

  • Bequests (a designation in a will or living trust)
  • Life Insurance (a beneficiary designation or a gift of the policy itself)
  • Assignment of certificates of deposit
  • Transfers of property (cash, stocks, bonds or real estate)
  • Memorial gifts
  • Beneficiary designation in an IRA or other retirement plan
  • Charitable annuity gift remainders
  • A donation of cash at any time

(Please contact a lawyer and/or financial planner for legal/tax advice.)