Application Guidelines

The FOV (Feast of Victory Lutheran Church) Endowment Fund was established in 2012 to provide financial support to individuals and groups for Christian education and ministries within the Feast of Victory congregation as well as the Grand Traverse area community.

Generally the applications will be considered from the Feast of Victory membership or Grand Traverse, Antrim, and Kalkaska Counties, and must be aligned with one or more of the following Christian ministries:

  • Youth Projects, mission trips, gatherings or ministries
  • Mission projects locally or worldwide
  • Adult or youth Christian Education
  • Extraordinary ministry initiatives beyond the Feast of Victory operating budget (including, but not limited to: food pantry drives, training for Christian teaching, music, or leadership roles, etc.)

Applications in support of the following are discouraged:

  • Any request that does not follow Christian beliefs of Feast of Victory or is not aligned with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Family operating or living expenses
  • General (in lieu of Christian) education expenses
  • Other endowment funds
  • Publishing, writing, or producing materials or books
  • Political campaigns
  • Deficit financing or debt reduction

Criteria to be used in evaluating grant applications:

  • Alignment of the request with the stated scope of the Endowment Fund
  • The projected impact of the request and the number of people who will be impacted
  • How well this request is consistent with other projects or education accomplishments by the grantee.
  • The ability of the grantee to obtain any necessary additional funding


 A written application from a group or individual, with a co-sponsor for an individual grant (A request by a minor requires a parent or legal guardian’s information & signature who will be responsible to guarantee the report of how funds have been allocated)

  • A line item budget for the requested amount of the grant
  • Church affiliation for an organization or each applicant of the grant
  • Name and address for each applicant of the grant
  • Details regarding the education institution or mission trip sponsors
  • Statement of need and benefits anticipated from the grant
  • Timing requirements for the request

An grant application form may be completed and submitted on our website. (See the drop down menu under Endowment Fund.) Blank applications may also be obtained from the church office or any member of the FOV Endowment Fund committee. If you are submitting a paper grant application, three (3) hard copies of the grant application are requested. The Endowment Fund Committee may request a meeting with the proposer. The Committee must approve any request and meets periodically throughout the year.   With extenuating circumstances a special meeting can be arranged to review a grant request.

If funds are granted, a written final report explaining how funds were allocated is requested within one month of the completion of the event(s).